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Alcohol and Brain Neurotransmitters

By Timothy Oduor

Research on alcohol dependent person’s brain indicates a variety of changes compared to the non-alcoholic individuals. Some traits are shared by almost all alcoholics, but some particular traits or characters, exclusive to the brain tissue, are only experienced by type 1 alcoholics, usually prone to anxiety and the type 2 alcoholics known to be impulsive.


Pollution, Climate Change Shorten Life Span

 By Henry Owino( ScienceAfrica Environment Correspondent)

-31 May 2016- People from low income countries and middle income countries in the world are more likely to suffer from pollution related health cases. This is because majority lives in rural areas and depends greatly on firewood or kerosene as source of fuel in cooking.


International Indigenous AIDS Conference

-31 May 2016- The International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS (IIWGHA) will host the 6th International Indigenous Pre-conference on HIV & AIDS in Durban South Africa, with the theme Reclaiming Indigenous Voices: Our Lives, Our Health, Our Future.


Nigeria: 13.4m Get anti-Bilharzia Tablets

-31 May 2016- Nigeria recently began receiving up to 34m anti-bilharzia tablets- praziquantel- to treat 13.4m school children under the Merck Praziquantel Donation Program. Nigeria is the world’s most endemic country for schistosomiasis. It is estimated that around 37% of the overall population (64.1 million people) requires treatment according to World Health Organization.


Kenya: Firm Solar Takes Solar Power to 3000 Homes

By Christabel Ligami

-30 May 2016- After moving into his newly built house in Juja, Thika County located in Central Kenya 2013, Peterson Ng’iru was left wondering how he could get money and get connected to the nearest power grid thanks to a friend who introduced him to solar power company that got him connected just within a month.


African Researchers Gain New Knowledge on Weed Science

-26 May 2016-The Cassava Weed Management Project under International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is assisting African researchers to gain new knowledge on advances in weed science.


The project launched in 2014 as part of sustainability program, links researchers from developed and developing countries narrowing the knowledge gap through training and knowledge sharing.


Africa Food Prize Takes Root

-26 May 2016-The $100,000 African Food Prize(AFP) which was recently launched in Accra Ghana by former Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo, replaces the Yara Prize. It is the African version of the World Food Prize and will be awarded annually at the African Green Revolution Forum. This year it will be held in September in Nairobi, Kenya.


Solar Power Improves Business, Security in Ugunja Rural Centre

 By Henry Owino  (ScienceAfrica Correspondent)

-26 May 2016- Residents of Ugunja, Siaya County in Western Kenya can now afford a smile after Siaya County Government suddenly installed solar power to light the Ugunja market, shopping centre, roads and walking paths or waysides. It has solved what seemed like endless problems especially insecurity, early closure of businesses.


The solar power panels are now strategically installed along streets that used to be engulfed by darkness. Motorbike operators popularly known as boda-boda riders say solar power lights are a sigh of relief to their business. Incidences of crime such as burglary, rape and pick-pocketing have reduced in Ugunja constituency with the installation of solar power streetlights by Siaya County Government.


African Nations Review Sustainable Development Agenda

By Christabel Ligami

-20 May 2016-Six African countries are among the 22 global countries that will voluntarily present the first national reviews on sustainable development agenda 2030 at the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development which will be convened in New York in July 2016. The six countries include Egypt, Madagascar, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Togo and Uganda.


Cell Phone Boosts Disease Diagnosis

19 May 2016 – African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation(ANDI) is implementing  an integrated Cell Phone App (Application) to boost the diagnosis of neglected diseases at point of care in Africa, in collaboration with the Chinese EASE-Medtrend Biotech.


Africa: Ending Neglected Tropical Diseases Could Save $52b

 19 May 2016– Figures released at the recent World Economic Forum(WEF) on Africa show that sub-Saharan Africa could save $52 billion by 2030 if it meets the World Health Organization’s 2020 control and elimination targets for the five most common Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). Kenya alone could save $1.9 billion.


South Africa: Researchers Develop Faster TB Test

 19- May 2016- World Health Organization says 1.5m people died from TB in the last two years due to  combination of factors including of late testing. To combat the latter, a new, faster test for TB has been produced by a multinational group of researchers at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.


Innovation: Female Engineering Students’ Solar Powered Mower

By Leopold Obi (Science Writer)

17-May 2016-Two female engineering students from a technical college in Bungoma County, Western Kenya, have come up with a modern lawn mower that does not require diesel to operate. Instead the mower which comes complete with a rechargeable car battery and a mortar runs on a photovoltaic cells –which is ‘green’ and environmentally friendly.


High Yielding Sorghum, Millet Launched

 Addis Ababa – 12 May 2016-. A dryland cereals improvement project ‘HOPE Phase 2’ aimed at improving productivity of sorghum, pearl millet and finger millet has been launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


 The initiative, which is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, aims at helping farmers in Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda cope with the effects of drought, and reduce poverty, hunger and malnutrition.


Will Africa be the Centre of Tobacco Epidemics?

Christabel Ligami (Special Correspondent)

Harare -11 May 2016-Africa is poised to become the future epicentre for tobacco epidemics if no concerted efforts on tobacco control measures are taken to now avert the disaster waiting to happen, according to experts who attended the 3rd Pan-African Capacity Development Forum (ACDF) in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Accountability in County Healthcare service

Citizen Journalism and Alternative Voices

LODWAR, KENYA - Participants from various parts of the vast Turkana County attending a citizen journalism – alternative or other  voices -  two-week training workshop conducted by ScienceAfrica in Collaboration with Kenya Media Programme. The participants aim to focus on development issues that are relevant and important to Turkana people . The County suffered much neglect in the past.

Cabinet Secretary Demands Accountability, Decries Poor State of Equipment in Hospitals

By Kiprotich Koros
November 25, 2013 - Cabinet Secretary for Health James Macharia has demanded more accountability from county governments on public money.


“Over 3.7 billion shillings have been devolved to the county government but leaders are slow on accountability,” the Cabinet Secretary said.


Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

Vasectomy Needed in All Counties Says Expert

By ScienceAfrica Correspondent
November 25, 2013 - All County health authorities should include vasectomy as a reversible family planning method one of the country’s leading vasectomy experts Dr Charles Ochieng who has undergone the process says.


Vasectomy Will Help Reduce Rapid Population Growth

By Kenya Correspondents Association Reporter
November 25, 2013 - More men need to go for vasectomy if the rapid population growth in Kenya is to be checked reproductive health expert, Dr Charles Ochieng says.

Kenya’s population currently stands at 44.3 million according to 2013 World Population Report.


Counties Need Skilled Medics, Efficient Drug Procurement

By Lawrence Mbae

November 25, 2013 - Despite what may seem as major challenges the devolution of health services as stated in the constitution will also have tremendous benefits and other positive implications for the needy public health experts must face with the emerging reality with innovative strategies.

This was the view of two top health ministry officials who spoke in Nairobi during the recent launching of partnership between the 47 counties with Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS).


Adherence to County Health Service Charters Needed

By Waikwa Maina
November 25, 2013 - Introduction of service charters in public hospitals was intended to improve on services delivery, openness and make patients easily understand on services offered, their costs and when and where such services can be accessed.

But most of the service charters have failed the tests of time. They are user unfriendly, misleading and in implementable. 


Kiambu and Thika Counties Coping with Challenges of Devolved Health Sector

By Lawrence Mbae
November 25, 2013 - According to Kiambu county Governor ,William Kabogo, sustainable healthcare system is paramount to every county citizen since a healthy citizenry will bring social and economic prosperity to the county which is linked to increased productivity.


County Health Workers to Benefit

By ScienceAfrica Correspodent              NOVEMBER 25th, 2013

County governments say health workers will have job security and better remuneration ahead of the impending countrywide strike steered by Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMPDU). Officials in both Kisumu and Homa Bay Counties told ScienceAfrica that they were ready to employ doctors and other health workers at the devolved units according to the strategic polices prepared in readiness for the devolution of healthcare services.


Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

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